Thursday, April 17, 2014


I've been clearing out clutter inside and out lately! I am working on collecting items for a garage sale (pricing as I go to save time later!) and I am also getting the flower beds and garden ready for planting! Needless to say, that also involves digging. I'm hoping to have at least some of my herbs planted (in containers just in case it gets cold again!) before Easter.

I have also been mixing up more homemade cleaners this week. Spring cleaning, man! I made some of my lemon kitchen cleaner, window cleaner (better than windex and SO easy!) and I also used a really simple trick to freshen my carpets and furniture--baking soda. I sprinkled it all over my living room floor and on my furniture (I removed what cushions I could and did those separately) using a fine mesh strainer to break up any clumps. I let it sit for...awhile. Honestly I don't really know because Kitchen Nightmares started in the middle of it and dinner was ready so I ended up taking a long break. But it certainly didn't hurt! Anyway, the minimum wait time is an hour and then you just vacuum it up! I noticed that it smelled nice and fresh afterwards, but without any chemically odors.

I have been reading A Feast for Crows, book 4 in the Song of Fire and Ice series. Aka, Game of Thrones. I'm close to halfway through and this one has been the most difficult to read so far. I'm not sure exactly why! When I'm not working through that book, I've started rewatching House on Netflix. I watched a lot of it but never got all the way through and I've been waiting for it to come to Netflix. Chris is watching a lot of Top Gear on Netflix as well. I actually don't mind it!

Otherwise, we are just getting ready for Easter. My car has been stuck in the garage all week because Chris did some repairs on our driveway and we desperately needed more rock to levels things out (there is about an 8 inch drop from the concrete pad in front of the garage to the ground where Chris dug it out) and get rid of the mud but we got more rain the night before it was supposed to be delivered and we had to put it on hold. The rock came today so hopefully he can finish it up tonight! My big project has been to clean and freshen everything because both of our families are coming for Easter--together! I'm actually excited and really hopeful that I will have both my nieces here together!

So there it is! Be sure to check out our hosts Ot & Et and Harvesting Kale


  1. I love the Top Gear episode specials where they go different places... when they visited the southern United States I almost peed my pants laughing!!!! I've never really been able to get into House - but also haven't tried very hard either. My big sister was SO OBSESSED with that show a couple years back. Her latest obsession was Dexter and they just finished that.

    1. I know!!! That was a great episode! OMG the cow?? Lol. I never got into Dexter but my Dad and sister did.


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