Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Blended Method

I'm going in for my first Creighton follow up this afternoon, and right now I'm feeling really good about it. I feel like I learned a lot, even though I know things aren't perfect yet. 

What I did right: I was able to see a pattern on my Creighton chart building up to ovulation and now coming down from it. I was able to do this because Creighton is way more specific about my observations than other methods are. I really like that about this method.

What I didn't quite get: Since we chose not to abstain I had some trouble picking out what the CM was sometimes. BUT I do notice a difference in the amount. Meaning, I saw the most in the days immediately before ovulation than I have since ovulation even though nothing else has changed. 

How I broke the rules: You mean other than not abstaining? I decided to continue charting using my old method. For one, I just bought 50 ovulation tests that I'm not going to waste. For two, I was having major anxiety about using a symptom that I have always struggled with as my only means of charting. So I started temping again and using up those opks.

And do you know what happened? Creighton became easier and less stressful. I began to understand it more. And I got to see that my old method predicted/confirmed ovulation just as well as Creighton and for the first time ever I have a super in-depth chart with those 3 signs and nothing else. I did make a note that I had super crazy ovulation pain and was really crabby on the day before my temp spike. I feel really good about that. 

I'm also super hopeful that this is our month. I don't know what it is but I'm really hoping this is it. 12 days left of the 2WW...

Even if this isn't it, I'm sticking with this way of charting. It satisfies my Type A need for knowing EXACTLY what is going on when, isn't much work at all AND it will help me learn Creighton in a less stressful way.


  1. I probably would have done the exact same thing! I'm glad you're more comfortable with Creighton now. How often do you check CM? I found that if I checked CM a good 12 hours after sex, I could be sure it wasn't leftovers.

    1. I check throughout the day. But I do tend to take it with a grain of salt if it is closer to the last time we had sex.

  2. Yeah, I don't like the Creighton method as much as Sympo-Thermal (which is what it sounds like you've switched to). I, too, like that you can have other ways to test what is going on during each part of your cycle! Have you ever checked to feel the position of your cervix throughout your cycle? I never did but I know that people swear by it's accuracy. I love TTC Thursday!

    1. Thanks! For blogging purposes I'm actually anxious to start some new things in me more to talk about! :P But I myself have never really gotten into cervical position, but I've heard people talk about it. :)


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