Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Music

Winter came early this year--we had the first snowfall on Saturday and temperatures have been frigid since then. I was definitely not ready for that! Still, it puts me in the Christmas mood and I was inspired to search out some Christmas music.

My two current favorites are "Baby its Cold Outside" by Michael Buble and Idina Menzel (I swear to you--this woman is a goddess. She's amazing!) and "Let it Go" by Pentatonix. Oh my goodness. My world just got a little more complete.

You're welcome.

Needless to say, both of those albums will be joining my collection in the very near future.

Let's ignore Thanksgiving for just a sec. I'm sorry, but Christmas music is just better. Is there even such a thing as Thanksgiving music?What are your favorite Christmas songs/albums? Is November too soon to get in the spirit?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Second Opinion

So after my less-than-satisfying conversation with my doctor,  I turned to the clinic nurses to help me sort through the options.

As a reminder of how they work...my doctor approves a variety of tests and treatments that they can perform and order. They share notes and charts, and keep one another updated. The nurses at the clinic operate in a separate location and only do fertility treatment (which is awesome because nobody experiencing infertility and miscarriage feels good about sitting in a room full of pregnant women). The owner has over 20 years experience and is, frankly, amazing. I trust them. Part of it is experience, but most of it is just a gut feeling that this is the right team for me.

So I decided that I needed to talk to them after my follow up. The doctor didn't express any strong opinions about any of the options she laid out, which doesn't make me especially confident that any of them are going to be beneficial. I felt like talking to someone else who is knowledgeable about these tests would help. And oh man, it helped so much!

We weren't planning on doing the karyotyping just yet, because of the expense of the test and the fact that it is a "low yield" test, meaning that more often that not it is not helpful. So for the time being, that is on hold.

We also didn't discussion the HSG or saline sonogram. My doctor said she would suggest the sonogram if I was going to do it, but I can obviously get pregnant, which indicates clear tubes, and I have no risk factors for any scarring. So she didn't act like there would be anything to be found. So that is on the back burner as well.

The other two tests were for the clotting and the autoimmune response. If positive, I would be treated with baby asprin, which I'm already on, and/or a low dose of prednisone. In someone who has had a couple of losses, they already have that option on the table because a low dose, short term, is not especially harmful. It quiets the immune system just a little bit. The clinic is more than willing to add the prednisone to my protocol without the testing.

She did suggest that I be tested for the MTHFR genetic mutation, because it is an easy test for a common mutation and the treatment is mega doses of B vitamins.

So to put it simply...we would test for MTHFR and treat if needed, add prednisone to my protocol, and keep the rest the same to try again. It's simple, less stressful/expensive and still covers our bases.

As soon as she laid that option out for me I felt worlds better. My gut says yes, whereas after my doctor's appointment it said "huh?!" There's a lot to be said, I think, for learning to listen to and trust your gut instincts.

We have to officially say yes to this, but I think this is what we're going to end up doing.  I have to do some research with my insurance company first to see what their policies are on a couple of things, and they do want me to get through this cycle and the next before actively trying to conceive via IUI. So IUI#3 won't be until January 2015, but in the meantime we might go ahead with the MTHFR testing.

So that is our tentative plan! I have plans for our forced sabbatical, and hopefully looking forward to starting again will help us get through the holidays.

At the end of our conversation, the nurse told me "2015 WILL BE your year!" I really hope so!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

TTC Thursday: What Comes Next

Yesterday we had a follow up with my doctor to talk about our options going forward and to see where we are as far as my recovery.

That part is actually going well. There seems to be no sign that anything weird is happening, and I'm grateful for that. The sooner the better. Emotionally, I'm feeling pretty good. As disappointing as it was, it wasn't unexpected like the first time.

As far as our options, we can either try again or we can do some testing. We don't technically meet the "Recurrent Pregnancy Loss" guidelines at this point, but my doctor is willing to do some testing. She suggested the following:
  • Karyotyping. This tests for a genetic abnormality in one or both of us that could be causing our losses.
  • Antiphospholipid antibodies, particularly anticardiolipin antibody and lupus anticoagulant. This tests for an autoimmune response.
  • Thyroid function test
  • Saline Ultrasound (instead of an HSG)
I found this page that gives a simplified version of what my doctor gave me for a more in-depth explanation.

It's a little overwhelming, to be honest. Especially considering that there is a very, very good chance that we've just had bad luck. My doctor seemed inclined to think that is the case, and that we wouldn't learn much from testing.

At this point, we are leaning towards just trying again. I'm looking into acupuncture and we are thinking about trying a cycle or two of just clomid before trying IUI again. Financially that would be best for us right now. But we'll see what the clinic and my doctor think. Either way I don't think they will want to do anything until late December or early January. That really stinks. I know why they want to do it that way, but January is really far away.

Anyway, we have some decisions to make in the next couple weeks. I'm really frustrated that we even have to have this conversation, but what can we do?