Thursday, April 17, 2014


I've been clearing out clutter inside and out lately! I am working on collecting items for a garage sale (pricing as I go to save time later!) and I am also getting the flower beds and garden ready for planting! Needless to say, that also involves digging. I'm hoping to have at least some of my herbs planted (in containers just in case it gets cold again!) before Easter.

I have also been mixing up more homemade cleaners this week. Spring cleaning, man! I made some of my lemon kitchen cleaner, window cleaner (better than windex and SO easy!) and I also used a really simple trick to freshen my carpets and furniture--baking soda. I sprinkled it all over my living room floor and on my furniture (I removed what cushions I could and did those separately) using a fine mesh strainer to break up any clumps. I let it sit for...awhile. Honestly I don't really know because Kitchen Nightmares started in the middle of it and dinner was ready so I ended up taking a long break. But it certainly didn't hurt! Anyway, the minimum wait time is an hour and then you just vacuum it up! I noticed that it smelled nice and fresh afterwards, but without any chemically odors.

I have been reading A Feast for Crows, book 4 in the Song of Fire and Ice series. Aka, Game of Thrones. I'm close to halfway through and this one has been the most difficult to read so far. I'm not sure exactly why! When I'm not working through that book, I've started rewatching House on Netflix. I watched a lot of it but never got all the way through and I've been waiting for it to come to Netflix. Chris is watching a lot of Top Gear on Netflix as well. I actually don't mind it!

Otherwise, we are just getting ready for Easter. My car has been stuck in the garage all week because Chris did some repairs on our driveway and we desperately needed more rock to levels things out (there is about an 8 inch drop from the concrete pad in front of the garage to the ground where Chris dug it out) and get rid of the mud but we got more rain the night before it was supposed to be delivered and we had to put it on hold. The rock came today so hopefully he can finish it up tonight! My big project has been to clean and freshen everything because both of our families are coming for Easter--together! I'm actually excited and really hopeful that I will have both my nieces here together!

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TTC Thursday: Keeping it Fun

Disclaimer: this post is all about sex. If it makes you uncomfortable, I totally understand if you pass on it! But sex is kind of the main event when it comes to TTC, so I don't think it's possible to discuss TTC without bringing it up. In any case, there's the warning! 

It was suggested that I blog about how TTC is overrated and the very first thing that came to mind was this picture...
Don't get me's not completely unpleasant. But that right here is the most overrated comment about TTC that I've heard. I mean really...
That is what TTC is, friends. Timing, peeing on sticks, examining cervical mucus and then laying around with your legs up in the air (I'm only halfway kidding!). Never mind meds, supplements, shots, and taking your temperature daily. 
Yes. Trying is the fun part. 

In all seriousness, TTC can put a drain on the romance, which doesn't end up being good for the couple. Even my doctor reminded me that you need to be with your husband because you love him and you want to be--not just because the calendar says that the "baby makin' days" have arrived. 

So when you're a long-term TTC couple, how do you keep things fun?

I'll admit, we haven't really reached a point where it feels like a chore. Part of that has to do with the fact that Chris has only recently been really invested in TTC. (It's not that he hasn't been, it just took him a lot longer to realize that we were different.)

I think that the biggest thing for us is to keep things lighthearted and humorous. We joke about things, and Chris has compared me to a character in The Big Lebowski (the lady trying to get pregnant...who I now remember is Julianne Moore!). I try to make sure that I do my OPKs before Chris gets home, or while he's in the shower. I don't make those a big deal, but I don't hide them either. I try to be casual about letting him know that "it's a good day". The point for me is to not put pressure on either one of us. But it hasn't always been like that. 

A year ago, I wasn't in this place. I remember having lots of anxiety when it got close to ovulation. I would get really angry and frustrated if it didn't happen. But I wasn't exactly communicating about it with Chris either. It was a learning process for me to figure out how to communicate while not piling on the pressure. It helped a lot when he finally understood that we aren't normal and that we were actually going to have to work at getting pregnant. 

Now that we have worked out that communication issue, things have been a lot better. I found that talking about it relieved some of the pressure because we both know what is going on and I don't feel like I have to nag about it. 

We also make sure that we spend time together doing things unrelated to TTC. Simple things like running errands, working on projects together, making dinner together, watching our favorite shows and laughing together...all of those help us stay connected on a different level apart from TTC. Basically, it's making sure that TTC isn't the only part of life. 

One last thing that has helped us has been to take breaks from actively TTC. If I start feeling anxious or stressed out about things, I take a step back. I do the bare minimum for charting and just go with the flow. Doing things to lessen your stress does not hurt. It took me awhile to understand that because it felt like not actively trying would be a waste of a cycle. But I've learned that you have to give yourself breaks so that you don't get worn down. It's exhausting! It's hard on you emotionally, mentally and even physically! So give yourself a break once in awhile. 

To sum it up...humor, communication, connecting outside of TTC and letting us take a break from actively TTC (if needed) are all things that have helped us stay out of the "feels like a chore" rut that many TTC couples fall into. That's not to say that we are perfect, but I'm really happy with where we are. TTC is a rough road and staying connected with your spouse is so important! 

How do you stay out of the ruts during TTC or other stressful life events?

EDITED to add the following picture. Chris told me that I reminded him of this one day and it made me laugh! 
Julianne Moore as Maude Lebowski 

All pictures were found on Pinterest and Google. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Anti-holiday Me

I'm feeling very anti-holiday. In fact, I downright hate them all right now. 

I promise that this time it has nothing to do with TTC. Nothing remotely. 

It has everything to do with scheduling. And conflicts. And trying to make everyone happy. And failing. 

I'd rather just skip them all entirely, but that's generally frowned upon. Unless you have sick children because nobody wants them around to spread the germs. 

At this point, I'm thinking of moving away. That's the next best solution. 

Yep. I'll just have to move.

Friday, April 11, 2014


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This week our themes are dropping, making, wearing, kissing and keeping.

I'm dropping the clutter this week! I gave the living room bookshelf a once-over and pulled all the books I wanted to purge. I sorted them yesterday and got about 30 books to either donate or take to a local used bookstore. I also boxed up some other items to donate and I'm starting to get ready for a garage sale with my mom and sister later this spring.

Chris and I are also making plans for the garden and flower beds. We totally revamped the big flower bed out front but need to repair and refresh the ones on the side of the house. Seriously, they get ratty looking. They are weed magnets and have started sinking really bad, and the retaining wall supporting them has all but washed out. Plus I made the mistake of planting strawberries and mint there. Traveling plants they are, and impossible to get rid of. I'd like to see the dying bush go away, the retaining wall and outer walls dug up and refreshed, and plastic and rock laid down. I'm planning on using containers for whatever plants we want because they'll be mostly herbs and I could move them into a greenhouse (which I admit has yet to be built) during the fall and winter. Just an idea.

Yesterday I was wearing flip flops for the first time this year. Yay! I also had all the windows open and it was awesome.

I think it goes without saying that I like kissing my hubby. It's also pretty funny when Kinley gets so excited about riding in the car that he spends 5 minutes licking my cheek. While I'm driving. Probably not the greatest idea ever.

And of course, life right now is all about keeping busy because I'm about halfway through another two week wait--but who's counting? I'm actually super relaxed about it this cycle which is all kinds of awesome. Of course I already have my hopes up about next cycle (for reasons that I'll explain...sometime. I need to do some research on some stuff first.) so I'm actually kind of ready to get on with it.

And that about sums it all up. Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

TTC Thursday: Question for You

Hey all! I've honestly been in a little bit of a funk about TTC Thursday. I mean, there are only so many times that I can rattle off my cycle day and say "nothing happening over here!"

So...what TTC/infertility/miscarriage recovery related topics would you like to hear about?? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Play Dates

The other day, my mom mentioned a play date that she had set up for my niece and sister with a couple of moms. She met them through a local gym where she babysits. Anyway, she was talking about how my sister needs friends and my niece needs friends...which is true. But then she mentioned--almost as an afterthought--that I could do too, if I wanted. I didn't really say one way or the other, but the truth is that I don't want to go for a play date with women my age and their kids.

I mean, why would I want to do that to myself? I would stand out. The only one without kids. I couldn't participate in conversation. I have no birth story that has a happy ending. I have no percentiles to compare or accomplishments to share. I can't offer advice on sleeping schedules or nursing.

It's already difficult enough with my friends and family. I love them, but gatherings sometimes make me sad. Not enough to avoid them, but sometimes I just feel so completely out of place. Left out.

What's even worse is that outings like that are the things that I can't wait for. The things that I wish I could do. I've confessed before that I have kid fever as opposed to baby fever. Well, this stuff is part of that. I'm not going. I just don't see the point in putting myself through that.

Is that bitter and angry of me? Maybe. I just know that I have to have boundaries about certain things. My heart can only take so much.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Round-Up

I'm feeling really drained today. I'm not quite sure why but I am really looking forward to a quiet weekend. Chris is on call so he'll be home a lot and I feel like sleeping in. The week wasn't really that eventful...

On Sunday we had my ILs and BIL over for dinner to celebrate FIL's birthday. But before they came over we found out that our niece, BIL's three year old daughter, was at the hospital with her mom getting checked out. She had gotten into the medicine cabinet and had taken a medication that is sometimes used in children for behavioral disorders but can also be used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depression, etc. in adults. So some pretty serious stuff! She ended up being hospitalized for two nights to be monitored because her heart rate kept spiking up. We were all pretty upset with her mom because it should not have happened and it looks to be that she was negligent. I know that family services did talk to her but I don't know what the outcome was. I hope she at least gets a home visit or two, because this has happened before--the last time was just three weeks ago!--and on Facebook that day she claimed to have been up until 3am the night before. So knowing her, she was probably laying on the couch and let my niece go upstairs unsupervised (apparently that happened about every day for awhile during the time she and the kids were living with my ILs--she would lay on the couch and be on her phone while the kids were just running around doing whatever). Supposedly there was a lock for the bathroom cabinet but it was either unlocked or hadn't been installed. Anyway, it turned out okay but we are all really upset with her and worry for my niece's safety.

Monday was my appointment with Dr G. I already went over that but Chris was really happy with his test results. We have yet to schedule the blood tests but since Chris is on call this weekend he really can't go too far from home. The lab is at least an hour away round trip so I'm hoping to do it next weekend.

The rest of the week has been pretty well normal.

We had icky weather Wednesday and Thursday. The bottom of our driveway washed out really bad. I called the county about getting it fixed and nobody called me back. But Chris' uncle stayed home from work and fixed it temporarily. The hole was over a foot wide and at least a foot deep! Otherwise the ground is saturated and muddy. Kinley loves it.

A couple of our shows have ended or are ending this coming week. That includes How I Met Your Mother, which made me cry. By the end of it I was more invested in Barney than Ted and Robin, because Barney is that guy who is definitely an acquired taste but he has a really good heart and the mom in you just has to make sure he's okay. His moment with his newborn baby girl was so sweet! The Walking Dead finished up on Sunday (the last moment of the show--wasn't that line cheesy??) and Justified will be done on Tuesday. Now what do we watch?? Hell's Kitchen and Surviving Jack aired last night but it was pretty well pointless because they aired radar over most of it. Of course when it came time for American Idol they did a split screen thing so both could air at the same time. Blah. I don't even watch that show anymore!

I had a TTC Thursday post about OPKs and such planned...but my OPKs were actually a little confusing this cycle so that kind of ruined it. And there was really nothing else to talk about! But I should start the shots on Sunday or Monday. Fingers crossed for no confusion!

And today I went out with some of my family for my mom's birthday. There is a new restaurant in town that we tried and I had a gyro for the first time. It was really good! It's a really cute place too. Afterwards we went back to my mom and dad's house and rearranged furniture and electronics before going to get my niece (my sister's little girl--she's 18 months now!) some new shoes. She's growing way too fast!

Dinner is in the crock pot (Italian beef for sandwiches--yum!) and I plan on lounging around with Chris watching Netflix documentaries and Top Gear. I'm not a car girl, but the hosts are really funny!

So that's about it. I hope all of you have a lovely weekend, and here's to nice, warm weather in the coming week!